Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance — High Yield Restructuring Landscape Clifford Chance has published a guide which outlines a number of strategies for clients navigating the increasingly complex area of leveraged debt restructuring when both high yield bonds and loans are involved. With the concept of a guide in mind, we decided to go down the route — pardon the pun — of styling the document by referencing Ordnance Survey Maps. The cover features de-bossed topography lines, which create a negative space that defines Clifford Chance's 35mm band. Something that the Brand Team had not been asked about before. To instantly distinguish each section, we used a few techniques. Imagery of landscapes from an aerial view were used and related to each section title. The titles were white-foil printed onto grey and coloured translucents, which were placed over the photography. As wanted to make the partners centre stage, we specially photographed each partner at a photo-shoot at their head office in Canary Wharf.

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